Vegan Ronin’s Underground Supper Club is an underground supper club featuring vegan cooking, usually hosted around North London. If in a home, it is smoke-free and animal-free.

In general, at an Underground Supper Club event you can expect a 5 course meal just as often as a home-style food spread. You should feel the warmth and community of others while eating loads of delicious food! No snootiness here!

Who is Vegan Ronin?

Vegan Ronin is run by Jhenn, from the food blog The Vegan Ronin. Jhenn is a trained, professional vegan chef and has been vegan for over 12 years. She was also a successful chocolatier running her own artisan chocolate business in the US and Japan before moving to London.  She has also worked as a baker, raw foods chef, caterer and in recipe development specializing in free-from foods. Her specialities are seitan, chocolate, comfort food and especially Japanese cuisine as she lived in Japan for 2+ years.

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