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April & May Supper Clubs & Events


I’ve been enjoying my freelance chef life and the opportunity not to work myself into poor health! We can all appreciate that. I’ve been busy with supper clubs of course, but also private parties. I’m booked for birthdays, business meetings, family dinners, and hen dos! Feel free to get in contact about catering your next event.

I’m doing a few new supper clubs nights, but very excited about London’s first Vegan Wine Event! It’s an educational evening trying many boutique wines with lots of food to match. I hope you can make it!

Click the links to get more info and book your spot:


1- (April Fools) Breakfast for Dinner

3-  Afternoon Tea

4- Miracle Fruit Flavour-Tripping events

8- American Night

10- Japanese brunch

11- Taiwanese Night

25- Macaroni Monday

26- Bibimbap & Board Games

28- Vegan Wine Event

29- Japanese Friday Night Dinner


1- Veganniversary Party

4- May the Fourth Be With You; Star Wars Night

5- Vegan Wine Event

Supper Clubs & Classes through 2015

Check out a variety of not only supper clubs, but new classes as well!

Dec 1 Vegan Holiday cooking class
Dec 5 American Thanksgiving
Dec 9 Vegan Holiday cooking class
Dec 10 Christmas Dinner
Dec 13 5-course Japanese lunch
Dec 14 Macaroni Monday
Dec 16 Vegan Holiday cooking class
Dec 17 Christmas Dinner

Just click the link for the date you want. See you soon!


Please accept my apologies in not having up-to-date supper clubs on here. Remember, they are always up to date on my profile.

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In the mean time, feel free to email me with any queries of:
Supper clubs
Private Parties

Little Bird Suppers is now Vegan Ronin Underground Suppers

Nothing has changed. The Vegan Ronin still runs the supper clubs, just stream-lining the names so there is no more confusion!

Two more dates were just released for Japanese and Korean nights. Hope to see you there!

Grilled Cheeze Night

American Grilled Vegan Cheese Cheeze that is!

Of all places, in Cleveland, Ohio there is a gourmet grilled cheese fever taking the streets. Besides my friends, family, and cats, this is one of the few things I miss. I’ve recreated the famous monster sandwiches many times, but it is an experience that is better shared! Don’t worry, you will have leftovers to take home for the next day’s lunch! Did I mention it involves the bad boy of all vegan cheezes: Daiya! Not available in the UK (thank my mother!), it is the perfect cheeze for this melty monster! Join us for just a fun night!

All-vegan menu:
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