Japanese Dinner #4 Review

Japanese Dinner #4; 27 April 2013 – Sold out.

Official menu:
photos below

Drinks: Ume-shu (plum cordial), raspberry shrub spritzer, mugicha (roasted barley tea)


Fresh yuba (warm soymilk skin)
Gomadofu (savoury sesame squares) with soy sauce and wasabi
Tamagoyaki (sweet & salty eggy rolls)
Renkon chips (fried lotus root)
Plum-pickled radishes

Nasu donburi (Aubergine rice bowl)
(Potato salad) with pickled cucumbers, carrots and onions
Tonkatsu (tofu-“pork” cutlet) with cabbage salad, sauce, and lemon wedge

Takoyaki (“octopus” balls with konnyaku- sea yam) with sauce, mayo, and aonori-ko (powdered seaweed)

Miso soup with wakame (type of seaweed), daikon (mooli radish) and spring onion.

White sesame gelato
White & black toasted sesame brittle

All handmade, of course!

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Japanese Underground Dinner #2 review

Japanese Dinner night as reviewed by the one and only The Messy Vegetarian Cook!
(And if you haven’t been to her website, holy moly, get ready to DROOL!)

                   Vegan Takoyaki

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Japanese Underground Lunch #1 review

Japanese Sunday ended up being a very long and leisurely lunch into dinner! It was mellow and relaxing and the food t’weren’t too bad neither! I only had time (cough cough remembered) to take a mere two photos. Thankfully, Mitsu— yes, THAT Mitsu of To Happy Vegans was here (AND her Japanese mum. Talk about pressure!). Anyway! She took a bunch breathtaking photos and gave the dinner a lovely, lovely review. Check it out here! (And while you are there, check out their new Vegan Food Swap for the UK!)

Gomadofu, tamagoyaki & hijiki salad. Taken by Mitsu of To Happy Vegans

If you are interested in coming to a future Japanese underground dinner, do not hesitate to contact me! I’m already setting up another date from the popularity, I can do more ^_^