January Vegan Supper Clubs

Happy New Year!DSCN0505

I hope 2016 brings you lots of joy and lots of good food! I recently resigned from my head chef position to focus primarily on supper clubs and cooking classes. I hope you can experience these yourselves this year!

Here are all the events happening in January, with special meals and prices. There will be no supper clubs in February, as I will be in Asia doing more culinary training.

Gluten-Free Vegan Japanese Dinner

The most popular multi-course night made gluten-free. Expect some new dishes like kabocha korroke curry rice and some from the Japanese cookbook I’m working on.

Sun 10 Jan: Book here.

Macaroni Monday

Start the week out right with a bowl of comforting creamy macaroni. Why not top it with a selection of toppings like homemade kimchi or spicy broccoli? A relaxed evening with good company.

Mon 11 Jan: Book here
Mon 25 Jan: Book here (Burn’s Night Special)

Bibimbap & Board Games

A supper club tester that is booking up quickly! Enjoy bibimbap, a Korean rice dish with oodles of toppings (along with nibbles and dessert), while our Games Master teaches you some amazing new board games. We are lucky to be living in the “Golden Age of board games”, where you are involved at every moment and friendships aren’t compromised.

Wed 13 Jan: Book here
Wed 20 Jan: Book here
Sun 31 Jan: Book here

Vegan 4-course Japanese Dinner

There are two more dates for the amazing 4-course Japanese Night (not gluten-free). Try dishes you can’t find in restaurants like sesame “tofu” and konnyaku takoyaki. Bring a friend and come hungry!

Tue 19 Jan: Book here
Sat 23 Jan: Book here

I use Social Belly, a London-based start up, for bookings.They are focused on making new friends over the food. How great is that? You can also find some listings on EatWith.


Hope to see you there!



Upcoming dates April & May

You can now book (& support local) through London upstart Social Belly

April 15: 5 course Japanese Night (with dumpling making) 

 April 23: St George’s Vegan Fish & Chip night 

 May 5: Vegano Cinco de Mayo 

 May 18: Macaroni Monday 

 more to come!

Chocolate Tasting Party

I was recently contacted for a surprise hen party. The bride is vegan and her thoughtful friends thought a surprise dark chocolate tasting and making session would be a great addition to the weekend in the country. (She jumped up and down squealing, so I think it was a good idea!) And I was delighted they came to me.


Bride-to-be with her and her hens’ truffles

You may or may not know that before I moved to London, I had my own chocolate company for 5 years. It is no longer in business, but you can see photos here. I’ve continued chocolatier-ing a bit with past jobs, so it was great to get my hands chocolately again! I have also hosted wine tastings, so the ladies were treated to a crash course in wine tasting while pairing with different chocolates.

What was made:
Various flavours of truffles, filled chocolates and mix-and-match chocolate bars, and playing with luster dust and chocolate “tattoos”.


Creations: Goji & chilli, cashew & apricot, lavender crunch, pepita & black pepper bars! Mmmmm

                                                  See more photos below! Continue reading