Around The World Dinner: Shojin Ryori

I’ve teamed up with the London Vegan God himself, Fat Gay Vegan, to indulge in the Around the World Supper Clubs he is hosting.

Of course my menu is my speciality: Japanese! But not just any old Japanese- oh no! It’s shojin ryori! The traditional Buddhist meal in strict temples that is naturally vegan and usually extremely expensive (go ahead and look it up, I’ll wait). Delicious looking right?! But now you don’t have to buy a plane ticket to go all the way to Kyoto.

The menu has been especially designed to reflect the seasons changing from Winter to Spring following shojin ryori’s special cooking “rules” involving colors and cooking methods.


Traditional starters of green tea and gomadofu (savoury sesame square)

Mains including:
Buddhist “eel”
sweet konnyaku dengaku (sea yam with sweet miso sauce)
grilled daikon
shiso tempura
kombu roll
koyadofu and carrot (A Koya-san regional speciality)
miso soup
steamed rice
tsukemono (pickles)

Traditional dessert of ohagi (azuki sweets) with melon

It’s a delicate, yet hearty meal, sure to transport your taste buds back to my second home.

Get your tickets now!


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