Japanese Night 5: Osaka Festival Food

I lived in different places in my nearly 3 years in Japan, but they were all around the large Kansai area that surrounds Osaka. Tokyo is amazing, but I feel Osaka is the heart and soul of Japan. Osaka is especially famous for its food and comedy. All the happy things!

Japanese nights are always the most popular, but I thought I would change it up a bit and highlight my favourite region. As you know, Japanese food is exploding in the London food scene. Okonomiyaki (savoury cabbage “pancake”) is the hot item right now and happens to be the “king” of Osakan food, but not everyone can eat it. So let’s change that!


     takoyaki- octopus-free octopus balls

Inspired by my love of Osaka, I now present:

Osaka Festival Food Night

  • Okonomiyaki
  • Takoyaki (“octopus” balls)
  • Gyoza (potstickers)
  • Edamame
  • Japanese potato salad
  • Yakitori (“chicken” sticks)
  • Inari zushi (sweet fried tofu sushi)
  • Ohagi (sweet bean/rice dessert)
  • Macha cake
  • Candied sweet potato
  • Umeshu taster (homemade plum cordial)

Come hungry for this one!
Of course you understand if I need to swap a dish!

Still not sure? Check out the reviews on the Events page!

When: Tuesday, 18 June 7-10pm

Where: Finchley Central, North London, address given after donation is given

How much: £30 pre-pay donation by bank transfer or Paypal, just get in touch below.

Who: Anyone!

Drinks? The umeshu is included as a free taster; but please BYOB for yourself or to share.

*No donation refunds. I don’t really make anything off of this, but the money goes to planning the food, drinks, and good times! If you cannot make it, please give your spot to a friend (let me know, it’s no problem!). I hope you understand!

If interested, please send me a message either by email (theveganronin AT gmail.com), or Vegan Ronin’s Facebook or Twitter, all of which are listed on the right side of the home page.

Only a few seats at each dinner, so grab a friend, come hungry and let’s eat!




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