Chocolate Tasting Party

I was recently contacted for a surprise hen party. The bride is vegan and her thoughtful friends thought a surprise dark chocolate tasting and making session would be a great addition to the weekend in the country. (She jumped up and down squealing, so I think it was a good idea!) And I was delighted they came to me.


Bride-to-be with her and her hens’ truffles

You may or may not know that before I moved to London, I had my own chocolate company for 5 years. It is no longer in business, but you can see photos here. I’ve continued chocolatier-ing a bit with past jobs, so it was great to get my hands chocolately again! I have also hosted wine tastings, so the ladies were treated to a crash course in wine tasting while pairing with different chocolates.

What was made:
Various flavours of truffles, filled chocolates and mix-and-match chocolate bars, and playing with luster dust and chocolate “tattoos”.


Creations: Goji & chilli, cashew & apricot, lavender crunch, pepita & black pepper bars! Mmmmm

                                                  See more photos below!
What was eaten:
Seven varying grades & origins of dark chocolate paired with a couple wines.
Freshly handmade truffles, filled chocolates and bars made by the group themselves!

Love that "wow" face when take that first bite!

Love that “wow” face when taking that first bite!

What was learnt:
How to choose quality chocolate (what to look for, what to avoid).
What makes a chocolate vegan.
How to taste chocolate.
Starting to train your palate.
Identifying flavours and characteristics of origin specific chocolates.
How to make your own chocolates in the microwave or bain marie.
How to make truffles, filled chocolates and chocolate bars.
The basics of tasting and pairing wine.
All of the information was also given as a handout for future reference


Being studious!

It was a truly fantastic time. The group of nine loved diving right in the process of making their own chocolates, choosing flavours, decorations and finally seeing their dark, glossy creations pop out of the moulds. I think eating them was probably the highlight!

“They all bloody loved it. [I]n general I thought it was very fun, informative, varied and well thought through. Hand outs very useful also.” ~ A. Hen.

If you are interested in a chocolate tasting & making party (with or without wine) for you, a friend, or group, please contact me at theveganronin AT Catering certificate copy available.

DSC_0489 DSC_0521DSC_0514DSC_0527DSC_0496DSC_0498DSC_0507DSC_0509   DSC_0518DSC_0519   
Photos are posted with permission from the individuals.

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