Japanese Dinner #4 Review

Japanese Dinner #4; 27 April 2013 – Sold out.

Official menu:
photos below

Drinks: Ume-shu (plum cordial), raspberry shrub spritzer, mugicha (roasted barley tea)


Fresh yuba (warm soymilk skin)
Gomadofu (savoury sesame squares) with soy sauce and wasabi
Tamagoyaki (sweet & salty eggy rolls)
Renkon chips (fried lotus root)
Plum-pickled radishes

Nasu donburi (Aubergine rice bowl)
(Potato salad) with pickled cucumbers, carrots and onions
Tonkatsu (tofu-“pork” cutlet) with cabbage salad, sauce, and lemon wedge

Takoyaki (“octopus” balls with konnyaku- sea yam) with sauce, mayo, and aonori-ko (powdered seaweed)

Miso soup with wakame (type of seaweed), daikon (mooli radish) and spring onion.

White sesame gelato
White & black toasted sesame brittle

All handmade, of course!

DSC_0439DSC_0438DSC_0440DSC_0449DSC_0452DSC_0457One of the best supper clubs yet! Everyone also brought wine to share and the event even went an hour over time because there were just some great conversations going on and no one wanted to leave. Lots of laughing, story telling and making of new friends. And of course, the completely voluntary shouting of “Ed’s Balls!” for the takoyaki course- you know people are having a good time when that happens! (Seriously, search #edsballs on Twitter. Ed is the takoyaki master!)

Keep an eye out for  the next instalment of the most popular supper club- Japanese Night #5!


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