Japanese Dinner

27 April- SOLD OUT!

The most popular Underground Supper night returns!!!

Japanese Eats #4!

I lived in Japan nearly 3 years and being vegan was no easy task. I asked lots of questions,   ate a lot, cooked a lot, discovered more and even taught Japanese cooking back to Japanese housewives. You can get sushi anywhere. I want to bring REAL Japanese food to you that’s not available in restaurants.

The Japanese Eats nights are at least 6 courses. A selection of dishes we will be having:

  • Takoyaki: fried octopus-less balls
  • Fresh yuba: soya milk skin
  • Gomadofu: savoury sesame squares with wasabi
  • Tonkatsu: Fried non-pork cutlets
  • Tamagoyaki: Eggy roll
  • Donburi: rice bowl
  • Japanese potato salad
  • and other snacks, drinks, traditional meal endings, desserts and more!

Of course you understand if I need to swap a dish!
There are also no filler, fake meats being used in dishes. It’s real food!

Still not sure? Check out the reviews on the Events page!

EDIT: When: Saturday, 27 April 7-10pm (changed from the 20th due to rail works) NOW SOLD OUT!

Where: Finchley Central, North London, address given after donation is given

How much: £30 pre-pay donation by bank transfer or Paypal, just get in touch below.

Who: Foodies! Anyone who wants to try Japanese food you cannot get in restaurants.

Drinks? Free tasting of homemade umeshu (plum liquor) OR home-brewed non-alcoholic drink (shrub); BYOB for the rest.

*No donation refunds. I don’t really make anything off of this, but the money goes to planning the food, drinks, and good times! If you cannot make it, please give your spot to a friend (let me know, it’s no problem!). I hope you understand!

If interested, please send me a message either by email (chocoagogo AT gmail.com), or Vegan Ronin’s Facebook or Twitter, all of which are listed on the right side of the home page.

Only a few seats at each dinner, so grab a friend and let’s eat!


2 thoughts on “Japanese Dinner

  1. hi.
    i am interested in coming along to your japanese evening on the 27th
    please let me know how to be included.
    thanx ian

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