Grilled Cheeze Night

American Grilled Vegan Cheese Cheeze that is!

Of all places, in Cleveland, Ohio there is a gourmet grilled cheese fever taking the streets. Besides my friends, family, and cats, this is one of the few things I miss. I’ve recreated the famous monster sandwiches many times, but it is an experience that is better shared! Don’t worry, you will have leftovers to take home for the next day’s lunch! Did I mention it involves the bad boy of all vegan cheezes: Daiya! Not available in the UK (thank my mother!), it is the perfect cheeze for this melty monster! Join us for just a fun night!

All-vegan menu:

  • Gigantic grilled cheezes made with:
    * Texas Toast!
    * Choose-your-own filling combinations (homemade seitan, sauces, roasted veg, etc)!
  • Homemade JoJos: Seasoned potato wedges!
  • ‘Slaw: This refreshing, crunchy side helps you power through all that cheeze!
  • Pickles: It ain’t a real sandwich if there ain’t no pickles with it! Homemade to boot!

When: Tuesday, 16 Oct. 19:00-21:00ish
Where: Finchley Central
Drinks: A glass of an American craft brew. Please feel free to bring more for yourself or to share. Plus regulars of water and teas.
Donation: £20
Please contact to pay by bank transfer or Paypal (eTicket services have surcharges. Boo!): chocoagogo AT

If you missed out, send me an email so I know the interest for doing another one!


2 thoughts on “Grilled Cheeze Night

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  2. what an interesting project…im a vegan chef if you need staff to cook please contact me it will a pleasure for you..peace and love..

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