A Little Bird told me about: Tonkou Chinese Night

Vegan Underground Supper: Chinese


*aka Duhuang
*was a major stop on the Silk Road in Western China
*means “Blazing Beacon”

What can I tell you about Tonkou Night? Served in the traditional family style, it is a meal and a half. It will be heavy. It will be greasy. It will be spicy. I know, could it get any better?

Let the Blazing Beacon of good food guide your tired body & empty stomach from work to North London. We will indulge in generously sized portions of authentic Chinese food to delight your tummy for a great start to the week!

Tonkou Menu:

Tantanmen: Homemade ramen noodles in a spicy broth with soya mince and fresh seitan.
Yurin Nasu: Fried aubergine slices in a spicy sauce.
Gyoza: Both steamed and fried homemade stuffed dumplings with a soya vinegar dipping sauce
Spinach: Wilted in a garlic sauce

Selection of Chinese Teas for during and after the meal
Glass of Tsingtao lager


Where: Finchley Central
When: Monday, 13 August 2012; 19:00
How much: £15 pre-pay donation via eticket.to SOLD OUT
Drinks: A glass of Chinese beer will be available. Teas and water. Please BYOB for yourself or to share if you would like more!
Who it is for: Everyone! Foodies, vegans, veggies, Chinese food lovers, your best friend; anyone ready for a new dining experience!


*All specific details will be emailed a few days before the event
*No donation refunds. I don’t really make anything off of this, but the money goes to planning the food, drinks, and good times! If you cannot make it, please give your spot to a friend (let me know, it’s no problem!). I hope you understand!


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